I Love Snow Days!

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December 19, 2012 by lizforanimals

black Lhasa Apso with snow laden paws

Can’t walk….think I’m going to need a lift home….

I LOVE the snow! So much fun to frolic in, chasing snowflakes and leaving yellow peemails! Tee-hee! My people throw balls made of snow, but by the time I chase them down, they’ve disappeared and I can’t find them anywhere! Very frustrating, but still a lot of fun! I can only stay out in the snow for so long before I start to look like a big snowball myself! The snow sticks to me and it gets really heavy, to the point where I can barely even lift my little legs! This is when Mum will pick me up and carry me home. What follows next is not so much fun! Mum puts me in the bathtub to melt the snow off my feet and tummy. You would think that a water lovin’ dog like myself would love the bathtub, but this just isn’t so! I despise the bathtub! Nothing good comes of being put in the tub! Once the

Just look at my snow laden paws!

Just look at my snow laden paws!

snow is all melted, I get towel dried, blow dried and then I love to run all over the house, rubbing and rolling on the carpets, the couch and even Mum’s bed! Oops…..sshh….don’t say anything to her about the bed….I’m not supposed to be on the bed when I’m all wet or dirty. Sometimes I get caught because it’s so much fun and apparently I give myself away by making ‘happy reveling sounds‘, (that’s what Mum calls them), and then I hear Mum say, “You’re not on the bed are you? You know you’re not supposed to

My poor paw! So cold! So heavy!

My poor paw! So cold! So heavy!

be on the bed, you little domestic terrorist!” I always stop immediately and jump off, but the resounding ‘thump‘ when I hit the floor is somewhat of a give away, as well as the disarray I’ve managed to leave the bed in! Domestic terrorist…really…moi? I know it’s just a term of endearment that Mum has for me, but I much prefer Donut, Banana, Fluffybutt or one of the many other things she calls me and YES, I do answer to all of them, after all, I’m  not a rebel! After reveling in the house, a much needed nap is in order, (a girl needs her beauty sleep), because all this running around takes a lot out of you and I’m not as young as I used to be! Hopefully later, we’ll be able to go out and do it all over again! I just wish I could skip the bathtub part! I love snow days!

PS: Don’t forget to remind your guardians to wipe your paws after every walk, just in case you stepped in some antifreeze or walked through some salt. Antifreeze tastes good, but it’s really, really bad for you and salt is really hard on your paws!

Until Next Time, Peace and Paws,



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